24-25 April 2017 (Monday-Tuesday)
Main Conference
Featuring renowned keynote speakers and panelists from the government, industry and universities including Dr David Winwood, Prof Ikhlaq Sidhu, Ms Lita Nelsen, Ms Katharine Ku, this will be a forward-looking platform to elevate the awareness and execution capacity among the participants on a global scale.

Highlights of Panel Discussions:

  • Best Practices of Technology Transfer Officers
  • Innovation and IP Development
  • University-Industry Technology Transfer
  • Entrepreneurship in the US, HK, Singapore and UK
  • Health and Green Innovation in Asia
  • Smart City
  • Emerging Trend in Technology Management and Transfer for Internet Big Data

*AUTM Asia 2017’s Main Conference will offer 9 hours of continuing education (CE) towards the RTTP for those who attend the entire 2 days from 24 to 25 April 2017.

Optional Events A and B

A. 23 April 2017 (Sunday)
Pre-conference Courses/Workshop (3 options)

1. Mini-Essentials of Academic Licensing Course (for new professionals)
This course builds skills and resources necessary to function effectively at evaluating inventions and negotiating license agreements. It is designed to follow the lifecycle of the invention, patenting and licensing process: evaluation of invention disclosures, triage, patenting, IP marketing, valuation, and license negotiation to established companies and startups.

2. Technology Valuation Course (for more experienced professionals)

One of the most critical issues in technology transfer is to how to decide what your technology is worth before you start negotiations with potential licensees.

The AUTM Valuation Course has been developed to meet this need and to provide a solid grounding in both the underlying principles and some of the specific tools practitioners will need.

In the afternoon, the class will be divided up into teams that will work on two specific cases based on real world examples. The teams will prepare answers to specific questions raised in the cases and then will share their answers with the rest of the class.

*This course will offer 8 hours of continuing education (CE) towards the RTTP for those who attend the entire day.

3. UniVenture Visions 2017
An exclusive workshop co-organized by the Coller Institute of Venture and the AUTM Asia 2017. It explores how universities and policy makers must change to embrace the new world in which universities no longer dominate knowledge generation and dissemination.

B. 26 April 2017 (Wednesday)

Tour to Shenzhen (China) Technological Ecosystem FULL
Witnessing major developments in technology improvements, such as manned space flights and lunar probes, manned deep-sea submersible, etc, China aspires to become a global leader in science and technology, and launched a landmark programme in 2015 for ‘’mass entrepreneurship and innovation’’, to cultivate grassroots entrepreneurship throughout the country. An optional tour to Shenzhen, within an hour’s reach and is dubbed Silicon Valley of China, will allow participants a glimpse of the technological ecosystem there.